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With our expertise you can be sure you have the right partner for the job. From SCADA systems controlling HVAC and Lighting, to any system you can think of, you can be sure we will get the job done right. And we will bring your ideas to life.

Groov Website Development

Let us create your groov HMI

Using the power of Groov let us create an HMI for your existing OPTO 22 system. One of the massive perks of using Groov instead of a typical HMI screen is you can access it from anywhere! Our web pages are accessible to technicians providing vital information from a tablet or phone depending on what kind of security you are looking to get.

OptoScript Development

Here at alamo city energy we can provide the best system possible to you. By utilizing both Flow Chart and OptoScript  controls we can get that system running for you however you like. Not to mention free of charge updates if we find a better way to do something. Be sure your system is always up to date by choosing us as your energy management system provider.

System Upgrades

Have an old system you want upgraded? Let us know what you are currently rocking and what you want us to upgrade to and we will get it done. Simple or not we are always here to provide you with the latest and greatest in Opto 22!

Control System Upgrades (Non Opto22)

We do not only work on Opto 22 products. We also work on AB and Siemens products. Do you have an out of date system that you're trying to get upgraded? Or a part of your system that you no longer want and need a replacement? Reach out to us and we can get you covered. On this project we upgraded one of the pump soft starts to a new SSW900 soft start.

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We are a Small Business dedicated to the well being of our earth. We take pride in our ability to cut down power usage as well as monitor what all is going on to improve efficiency. With our services we guarantee a decrease in that power bill using industry leading methods and training of personnel to get you where you need to be!

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